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Gallery of The Address Hotel Project

Project Status: Completed
Project Details:
Client: Sheikh Mohammad Telaat Al Lami
Location: Al Hamra – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Area: 1800 Square Meters
Project Year: 2018
Contractor: Seen Real Estate Development
Supplier: SAAK Construction Chemicals
Project Purpose: Application of the pouring grade polysulphide sealant, SAAK JointSeal 2P.
Product Description & Application: SAAK JointSeal 2P sealant is universally used for concrete joint sealant and also an industrial insulation glazing sealant. This is a two part system. After mixing resin and hardener, the polymerization is initiated at room temperature, which proceed further until it is cured.
Features and Typical Uses of Product:

SAAK JointSeal 2P

  • Good Adhesion Properties
  • Fuel Resistant Sealant
  • Industrial Glazing Sealant
  • Construction Sealant
  • Airport Runway Joint Sealant

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