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معرض صور مشروع مؤسسة طلعت اللامي للتجارة

:تفاصيل المشروع
العميل: Telaat Al Lami Establishment
الموقع: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Area: 10 000 Square Meters
سنة المشروع: 2018
المقاول: SAAK Construction Chemicals
المورد: SAAK Construction Chemicals
الغرض من المشروع: Application of elastomeric weathering resistant roof coating, SAAK Roofcoat
وصف المنتج والتطبيق: SAAK Roofcoat is a single component high quality acrylic based elastomeric roof coating. It is designed to form a water and weather resistant seamless elastic membrane. Because SAAK Roofcoat is white, it helps reflect both sun light and heat from the roofs and act as a water proofer and heat insulator in a time. SAAK Roofcoat has good bonding with most of buildingmaterials like concrete, cement screeds, and cement tiles and tin sheets what makes it suitable to be coated over leaking finished roofs. SAAK Roofcoat forms elastic film, capable to seal and react with any existing or generating cracks.
الميزات والاستخدامات النموذجية للمنتج:

SAAK Roofcoat

  • A waterproofing and protective coating for most building substrates like brick, plastering, tiles, PU foam, and primed steel.
  • Waterproofing and Protective Coating for Roofs
  • UV Stable & Resistant Waterproof
  • High Bonding to Almost all Building Substrates
  • White Color
  • Self Priming
  • Easy to apply; One component
  • Non-toxic & Non Flammable
  • Stands for Light Foot Traffic
  • Reflects Sunlight & Heat
  • Good Elastic Properties

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